Hurricane Ian Discount & Storage Tips

Are you in need of storage space to protect your belongings through Hurricane Ian? Freedom Storage is here to help, providing secure storage units in St. Mary’s, GA to support you during this time. Whether you are storing away items for your business or home, we are equipped to take on your short-term and long-term storage needs. Follow these self storage tips for protecting your items through heavy storms, and read about Freedom Storage’s pledge to help customers during Hurricane Ian.

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3 Self Storage Tips for Hurricane Season

1. Cover Large Items with Plastic Tarps

You can deter water damage by throwing plastic tarps over items that are too large to place in bins. If the weight of the object allows, you can also keep items raised on pallet boards to keep them out of potential water.

2. Secure Dangerous Objects

You don’t want anything else on your property when strong winds and major flooding arrive. Before the storm arrives, make sure anything that might become a dangerous projectile is secured. Freedom Storage can store all of your equipment and furnishings as well as outside items.

3. Water-Proof

If you want to keep your things dry, here are a few tips. You can start by fitting what you can into plastic bins. If you have items that are extra sensitive to moisture, like documents and pictures, look for storage containers that will seal out water completely. Another option is putting small objects into zip-close plastic bags before adding them to the bin.

Freedom Storage Is Here to Support You

Freedom Storage welcomes our neighbors affected by Hurricane Ian to our self storage facility for a free first month with a waived admin fee. To take advantage of this offer, please stop into our storage facility at 10151 Colerain Road St Mary’s, GA 31558, or you can call our facility via telephone at 912-576-1776.

Not sure how much storage space you need? Our online storage calculator can give you a quick estimate, or one of our storage professionals can walk you through the Freedom Storage storage units that would best serve you. Get started today!

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